Why Is India Trying To Destroy Pakistan?

By Sikander Hayat

1. India has never accepted Pakistan and whenever any Indian politician or intellectual tries to say anything of the sort, he or she is demonised by the Indian media and society and branded a traitor straight away. Story of Jaswant Singh is not very old and then there was Advani on Pakistan a few years ago. People like Amir Khan & Shah Rukh Khan and whoever does not fit the Hindutwa agenda is told to go to Pakistan. 

2. The only country Pakistan has ever fought a war against is India and 1948, 1965, 1971 are examples of this long history of conflict. Siachin Glacier is still hot and many Pakistani & Indian soldiers have lost there lives to cold and hostile action by enemy. Siachin is the prime example of India's hate for Pakistan. 

3. According to the formula of British exit from Pakistan & India in 1947, any autonomous Muslim majority areas were to join Pakistan but India forced the Hindu Maharaja Hari Singh of Kashmir to allow Indian troops to occupy Kashmir and as a result Kashmir has become a festering wound causing perpetual conflict between India and Pakistan. There is currently a virtual division in Indian Occupied Kashmir with Jammu being ruled by Hindutwa brigade of BJP, while Kashmir Valley & Ladakh being run by Muslim politicians. 

4. Pakistan & India have fought wars and killed thousands if not hundreds of thousands of each other and still Pakistan is being told by the West that their enemy is anyone else but India. Pakistan has fought a brutal war against Pakistani Taliban who have sanctuary in Afghanistan sponsored, funded & trained by India through its intelligence agency RAW. 

5. RAW ( Research & Analysis Wing) which is an Indian spy agency is orchestrating discontent in the Pakistani province of Balochistan by using the Afghan soil. RAW is using the same model in Balochistan that they have used in FATA. Terrorists like Nazar Baloch are being protected by Indian intelligence on Afghan soil while some are being protected in Delhi.  

6. In 1971, India attacked the East Bengal province of Pakistan and occupied it, eventually turning it into present day Bangladesh and not long ago Rahul Gandhi who is the grand son of Indira Gandhi (who was the Prime Minister of India at the time of invasion of East Bengal) boasted about this “achievement”. When prime minister Modi went to Bangladesh, he said categorically that India invaded East Pakistan, occupied it and created Bangladesh. Pakistan cannot allow this sort of thing to happen again and must prepare itself against any aggression by India in the future. Pakistan has worked on tactical nuclear weapons to counter a similar invasion by India which lead to the occupation of East Bengal. 

7. On all international forums, Indian media, its intellectuals and its lobbyists in Washington and other foreign capitals spend a lot of money to keep Pakistan under microscope and give it bad publicity. Indian diaspora in USA spends cold hard cash to fund election campaigns of senators & congressman and use this influence against Pakistan. 

These are just few of the reasons why India is the actual mortal threat to Pakistan and not Taliban or Al Qaida. Taliban and other outfits like it are a nuisance in the long run and will run out of fuel eventually but India is an actual threat to Pakistan, its land, its people, its interest at home and abroad and must be treated as such. My request to all foreign journalists is this “Stop lecturing us on who our enemies are because we have lost enough lives to know who that is”.

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