London skyline: A feast for giants? - - - By Hannah Gelbart - - - BBC New

Home - Since the Gherkin pierced London's skyline in 2003, a number of architectural delicacies have popped up around the capital. Prince Charles once likened the capital to an "absurdist picnic table", but has it really started to resemble a giant's feast?
"The Gherkin really started the trend," says Peter Rees, ex-chief planner of the City of London and professor at UCL's Bartlett School of Architecture.
It is not the first building to earn a nickname inspired by items usually found in the kitchen pantry. Indeed, Prince Charles also dubbed the 309m-high Shard an "enormous salt cellar".
With work having resumed on the Can of Ham in January and the Cucumber on its way, BBC News explores some of the capital's most high-profile morsels.

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