Is Watford The Most Expensive Place To Buy Property Outside London?

Watford is a small town north of London and one of the most expensive places to buy property outside London. Some of the areas are even more expensive than London like Nascot Woods, Cassiobury Park e.t.c.  The number one primary school according to Good School Guide rankings  is
Nascot Wood primary school.  The number one secondary school in Watford is Watford Grammar School for Boys .
Watford is a small town but it has many independent coffee shops and small independent retailers which sell fresh vegetables, meat and fruit. Watford football club has been
recently promoted to premier league and match days are very busy affairs as all car parks near the stadium are full to the brim and town centre becomes a host to home and away fans.
Some of the retailers who sell asian groceries are Best Foods and Gill Butchers ( As the
name suggests, Gill Butchers sell meat and in my view have the best quality Halal meat in all of Watford). Nandos in Watord town centre also sell Halal food and there are Turkish & Pakistani food joints which sell quite decent food.
House prices in Watford have gone through the roof and almost all of Watford id out of
reach for first time buyers. There is such a shortage of housing that the moment a property comes on the market it gets snapped up straight away by experienced and wealthy investors.
Parking is a huge issue in Watford as you sometimes it becomes impossible to find
parking in streets near your home and you have to park few streets away from home. On Sunday evenings even that becomes impossible.
Saying all that, most schools are really good but if you are thinking about buying a family house, don’t make Watford your first choice.

Train journey from Watford junction to London Euston is about 22 minutes and really easy to commute from Watford to London.
There are two main mosques in Watford. One in North Watford and the other near the town centre.


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