Who Killed Amjad Sabri?

Famous qawali singer Amjad Sabri has been murdered in Karachi. At the moment motives of the murderers are unknown and it is not known who has committed this heinous act. Pakistan is a dangerous place for anyone but for people who are well known, it can be a hellhole. Son of Chief Justice Sindh High Court has been abducted couple of days with his future in deep uncertainty and now Amjad Sabri has been killed. 
In a normal country one can think of reasons for such oppression but in Pakistan there are so many different actors at work that it is near impossible to find out the identity of the culprit or their reason for such barbarity. Amjad Sabri was a singer and it is hard to think what wrong he did to upset anyone. Most of his singing was about the praise of Allah and his prophet and still he was not good enough to be allowed to live. Was this a case of extortion related killing, religiously motivated or politics had something to do with it, is currently unknown. 


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