Trump's Son In Law - 5 Things To Know


  1. Jared Kushner is a very important member of Trump's inner circle. It is entirely possible that Trump trusts him more than even his own sons. Ivanka & Jared are the true white house couple and have a great influence on Trump's policy especially on Israeli settlements in occupied Palestine ( Jerusalem & West Bank). His role will be one to be seen during the next few years.

  2. As of today 04 February 2017, Trump's Muslim ban has been suspended by the courts and USA's immigration department has told all airlines that they can bring in travellers from seven Muslim countries ( Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan and Yemen) can come to United States and they should be allowed to board planes. Qatar airways has announced that they will be implementing this policy immediately and passengers with valid visas should contact them immediately.
    It is heartening to see that some of the checks and balances built into the US constitution are working until Trump and Republican Congress fundamentally changes law of the United States.

  3. Trump is not happy with the judge who has put a moratorium on deportation of Muslims from United States of America. Judge has called the executive order contrary to American constitution as it singles out a religion for punishment. Trump has criticised the judge and has vowed to challenge the decision. As things stand, travellers from all seven countries with valid visas can travel to United States.


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