Karachi - MQM & ANP Butcher Innocent People In Their Battle For Dominance

By Sikander Hayat

ANP & MQM are waging a bitter war against each other in Karachi and surrounding areas. The significance of this is that it puts Urdu speakers against the Pakhtuns and violence is escalating everyday. Given the importance of  Karachi for Pakistan's economy, it is a bitter blow to the country's struggle to get its economy moving again. Pakistan cannot afford to have this ethnic confrontation between the two groups to go on for too long. Both MQM & ANP are part of the government in the federal government which is headed by Asif Ali Zardari. Shahi Saeed ( ANP Karachi leader ) & Haider Abbas Rizvi ( MQM leader) are both accusing each other for the assassinations going on in the city.  Pakistan is so busy fighting a war against the TTP ( Tekreek e Taliban Pakistan) & Indian sponsored terrorists in Balochistan that it cannot keep its eyes on this seriously escalating situation in Karachi. Today's attack on the Kebari Market is a major escalation as the murders were very indiscriminate and could propel a war of vengeance between the two communities to a new level. The point is coming very soon that the whole city will either be handed over to the Army.

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