India & Afghanistan - Pakistan's Security Interests In Afghanistan

By Sikander Hayat

American War In Afghanistan

Current crisis on the line of control in Kashmir could have been handled well by the Indian establishment but the fact that it did not morph into a full blown crisis augers well for the future prospects of peace but there is an open question of Afghanistan hanging over India & Pakistan relations. If India decides to have a footprint in Afghanistan than Pakistan will fight tooth and nail to keep the eastern & southern Afghanistan in its sphere of influence as it is vital for the security of Pakistan to have these areas in Pashtun hands. USA should have conceded this fact a long time ago and this Afghanistan war could have ended few years earlier rather than going on until now and ending with a potential humiliation for the Western alliance.
American War In Afghanistan

Pakistan has legitimate interest inAfghanistan and Pakistan has been trying to convey this message since the American invasion nearly 12 years ago. Pakistan & India need to reach a grand bargain in which following steps are taken:
American War In Afghanistan

1.      Indian occupiedKashmir stays with in India but as a fully autonomous state (this could be reached by enhancing article 370 of Indian constitution)

2.      Full trade liberalization between the two countries

3.      Demilitarizing Indianoccupied Kashmir

4.      Liberalizing visaregime between the two countries

5.      Creating a soft border between Azad Kashmir & Indian Occupied Kashmir

6.      Indian removing its footprint from Eastern & Southern Afghanistan.

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