Why Is India Funding Terror In Balochistan , FATA & Karachi?

By Sikander Hayat

With the election of Modi, India has embarked on a mission to destabilise Pakistan. Indian Army has been told to use its intelligence agency RAW to create terror in Baluchistan, FATA and other parts of Pakistan by providing arms, money and intelligence support to terror groups all over Pakistan. BJP, RSS & SHIV SENA are busy killing Muslims in india over cow meat consumption and using the following discontent to turn India into a Hindu rashtra and at the same time they are using this hindu anger to inflict pain on Pakistan.
Modi belongs to RSS which has never accepted the reality of Pakistan. Even during Bihar elections, people like Amit Shah were invoking Pakistan to consolidate hindutwa vote bank.
The scheme failed miserably but that has not stopped Indian state from joining hands with Taliban Mullah Fazallulah to spread terror in Pakistan.

Appointing Mullah Fazallulah as the chief of of TTP was a very calculated move by Taliban to convey the message to Pakistan that they are not going to negotiate. It is time that Pakistan has a clear policy with respect to Taliban, Afghanistan & India. It is now very clear that intelligence agencies like RAW, NDS & CIA are all now working together to undermine Pakistan & keep it unstable in the medium to long term. Indian establishment has been successful in keeping Pakistan busy in Waziristan & other parts of FATA and keep their attention away from Kashmir. Also, India is waging a dirty war in Baluchistan against the Pakistani state & its civilians. Indian intelligence is waging a proxy war in Waziristan & Balochistan by funding the terrorist groups like that of Mullah Fazallulah who is known as the butcher of Swat. On one hand, India talks about resolving the Kashmir issue and on the other, they are backstabbing Pakistan by promoting and funding terrorists in Pakistan.
Latif Mehsud of Pakistani Taliban was working for Afghan intelligence and was caught red handed while they were taking him to a safe house away from the border. Similarly Mullah Fazlullah has been living in Afghanistan for last many years since his defeat at the hands of Pakistan army. Now after the killing of Hakimullah Mehsud, Fazallulah’s handlers in Afghan & Indian intelligence are going to use his status as the leader of the terror outfit to wreak havoc in Pakistan as they did while he was butchering the people of Swat.
It is high time that Pakistan government & opposition get their act together and stop spreading confusion in the minds of Pakistanis. India is walking like an enemy, India is talking like an enemy, India under BJP, RSS & Modi is an enemy.


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